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Happy January?

"Be There" Card-Currently available in 5x7, blank inside; Coming soon:  New Size! 3x4 with or without "Up North".
 For our many friends in Canada, Thanksgiving comes 'round on the second Monday in October, while for us in the States, it's the fourth Thursday in November. But January in the States also heralds National Thank-You Month, an entire month dedicated to the subject, as we endeavor to take time out to be thankful -- and express as much to others.  Just maybe, it's a habit that will stay with us for the rest of the year...and beyond.

As we look around (especially here Up North), there are really no end of things we may be thankful for.  And truth be told, it's probably not the "things" which bring us the most joy; it's perhaps found in a special captured moment spent in the grandeur of a snowy outdoor landscape, or the gift of a warm smile from someone we love -- or perhaps one from a perfect stranger.  Perhaps someone has done a kind deed for you, or maybe you did something secretly for someone else...which made you both thankful; one for the gift received, and the other over the joy of being able to give something special to another.

What is so special about this month, is that it's one that has been set aside to recognize the gifts of others.  When was the last time you thanked someone for something special they did for you?  For starters, how about your mate, or the family doctor who helps keep you and your family healthy year after year.  Or maybe the waitress or waiter at your favorite restaurant who continues to provide you excellent service with a smile, even on the most trying and busiest of days. There's really no end of people we may thank for acts of kindness shown to us.

An old Chinese proverb affirms that flowers leave their fragrance first upon the hands that bestow them to others.  So it is with expressing gratitude and thanks to others for acts of kindness; you will be blessed for acknowledging a gift received, in addition to the one who gave it.  Zig Ziglar once made an interesting observation: "Over 9-billion people on the planet go to bed hungry every night...for a word of kindness or encouragement."  Wouldn't it be wonderful if each of us made a special point to thank someone, or otherwise express gratitude for an act of kindness every time we get the chance?  The results will astound you. The Japanese also have a wonderful saying, "One kind word can warm three winter months."

On this National Thank-You Month, why not take a moment and warm someone else's heart and life by writing them a personal thank-you note.  Better yet, focus on writing (preferably by hand) one or more a week in this new year; your notes of thanks and encouragement will touch and bless the lives of others in incredible ways.

We are living in a day-and-age when concepts of civility, kindness, and compassion toward others is sorely lacking. The beautiful thing about acknowledging kindness is that it often begets as much in others.  It is a force multiplier that increases in both substance and speed the farther out from its' center that it travels.  It's a wonderful antidote to the negativity around us, like so much warm sunshine on a cold winter day.

If you don't quite know where to start, or perhaps even need a little boost, we're having a special give-away this month that might help. In honor of National Thank You Month, we would like to give a mixed box of your choice of "Be There" or "Reflection" Cards - an assorted 10-card box,


...a SIGNED copy of John Kralik's book, "A Simple Act of Gratitude". 

Since John's best-selling book has been so instrumental in inspiring the Up North Captured Moments card line, we thought it might be exciting to add a personally signed copy of John's book in our drawing; the second year John has graciously offered to extend this kindness to us.  Now through the end of the month, if you leave a special comment on our blog of something or someone you are thankful for, and/or "like" us on our Facebook Page and leave a comment, we'll enter you into a drawing for this exciting combo package!  You can start now to create your own package of cards by going to the "Be There or Reflections" Tab and select the assorted 10 cards you would like to receive in your gift box.
While your I-phone may have an "app" for 'Thank-Yous', we like to say that we have a "card" for that!  Thank you, and happy writing!  

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