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"Congratulations!' -- National Thank You Month Winners

A big, big "THANK YOU" to everyone who participated in our "National Thank You Month Giveaway!"  (True to its' name, we really did hear from people nationally).  Little did we know a mere month ago, when we decided to have a "little giveaway"on our blog and facebook page, that it would include not one but TWO signed books from a nationally renowned author, a front page article in a local paper* and the addition of a slew of new friends who love "Up North" as much as we do. *"Personal Touch - Up North Couple revives the art of handwritten greeting"

We can't begin to thank you enough for those who shared either 'what' or 'who' you've been thankful for this past month.  We are indeed grateful for the many e-mails, personal notes, phone calls and cards we've received this month from those of you whom we know, and many more whom we don't...a totally unexpected blessing to be sure.  A special thanks goes out to Dave Lein, editor of the Grand Traverse Insider and their staff writer, Kristine Morris, who took the story idea and gave it a life of its own.  We've used the words "Oh my" and "blown away" more times than we can count.  An extra special word of thanks goes to author, John Kralik, who, unbeknownst to him a year ago, inspired us on this blog/card creating journey that we are on by writing a book that assured us that the handwritten note is still so vitally  important; it can literally change a person's life.  We can't begin to thank him enough for generously donating not one but TWO books to this drawing, adding his own personal note to say, "Let me know what else I can do."  We truly hope to meet this gracious man some day -- perhaps at a future Traverse City book signing?   

We are so privileged to live in such a beautiful area, one that we can photograph and write about and share with you.  Thank YOU, friends, for sharing in this journey with us. We look forward to what lies ahead in 2012 in words and photos (including a new, easy-to-use / order-from website now in the early stages of development!)

Having had so much fun with this during the month of January, we've also got something fun planned for the month of love: February, details of which are still taking shape.  Stayed tuned for some soon-to-be-released fun photos, and sage wisdom that Phil learned along the road of life...Up North.

All the Best,
Shannon & Phil
Ethan & Hunter